Lewin's Digital Darkroom Workflow:

Brooklyn Bridge Study - L. A. Lewin 2014 BW Conversion via Silver Efex Pro 2 (Click for larger view)

Stepping back in time to reintroduce fine art photography from a traditional posture: exhibiting landscape, floral and vernacular architecture and communities with a sense of authenticity, compared to the present day crispness and sometimes hyper-reality view that are commonplace as we head deeper into the digital photography revolution.  Lewin’s work expresses a sense of space and natural vitality that bring viewers back to similar work exhibited decades earlier.

Only traditional darkroom practices are utilized to create a final piece of fine art photography.  “First, I strive to capture the best composition – visually and technically - from behind the glass. If successful, as little time as possible – and more importantly – the least amount of file manipulation will be used in the digital darkroom”. Lewin’s digital workflow includes, Photoshop CC for cropping, dodge & burning, Camera RAW for chromatic & luminance adjustments , corrections to white balance and other tools needed to remove dust from the image file. Color Efex Pro 4 for applying neutral density, and polarization filters to selected image files, while black & white conversions are completed using Silver Efex Pro 2. 

Nowadays, Lewin shoots mostly digital, but in most cases, post-production is limited to as little adjustments to the digital image file as possible. Basically, Lewin tries to copy the manipulations practiced in traditional wet darkroom environments: using Dodge & burn techniques, adjustments to both luminance and chromatic variables, and using color filters and custom color-dips when converting color image files to black & white.

And the past 2 years has seen Lewin experimenting with new and old films being introduced back into the photography community. However, all black & white and color negatives are scanned: post-production resumes back in the digital darkroom for its fast and accurate adjustments in keeping with an easy and less stressful post-production work-flow.

 Local Retreat - L. A. Lewin 2015 BW Conversion via Silver Efex Pro 2 (Click photo for larger view)

Local Retreat - L. A. Lewin 2015 BW Conversion via Silver Efex Pro 2 (Click photo for larger view)

Canon Camera Systems: Allow me a second to brag about my camera system - I rely on Canon gear for the majority of my work: the 5D Mark II and Mark III are my work-horse cameras - frankly, they are tough enough to handle any type of working condition I get myself into. In addition, both bodies are fitted with Canon's top of line lenses - “I do not want anything, but a clear view, between my subjects and the camera sensor”. Canon makes incredible glass. I highly recommend you visiting Canon’s web site to review their entire line of camera, lenses, and associated equipment. Thank you.

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