Click for viewing Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon F/1.4 50m

Atlanta Digital Photography Workshops

My methodology for teaching photography is structured to embrace traditional photography skill sets and their application into the digital photography revolution. Students explore their creativity from behind the lens as they learn and practice using different camera dynamics, including, setting ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, White Balance, Exposure Compensation and in intermediate classes we explore the process of visualization.

A PowerPoint and interactive lecture on the latest science behind the digital sensor, lens technology and other relevant topics completes a comprehensive course for both Introduction & Intermediate exposure to the wonderful world of digital photography. (Classes include time practicing some of the concepts learned in class. Intermediate & Advance classes include 50%-90% in the field shooting).

2020 Local Photography Beginner-Intermediate Workshops: 

We are developing Digital Photography Workshop itineraries for spring 2020. Updates will be posted as information becomes available!  In addition, Atlanta residents can Contact me for private lessons now - you can PM me via Facebook or use this websites Contact page.  Thank you.

Private Instruction:

Classroom & Field Trips: Contact me to discuss private lessons: options include both one-on-one or up to a group of 3. Pricing begins at $275 for single, one-on-one instruction, with 2 or 3 participants at a group rate of $450. Session includes (1) 6 hour day in the field instruction. Please, contact me for details:

Post-Production Tutoring: using both Adobe Photoshop and NIK software products: (3) hour lesson $75. Please, contact me for details and/or how I can help your individual needs and expectations. Contact Info:

Thank you.

Click for viewing Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon F/1.4 50mm.

Click for viewing Canon 5D Mark II w/Canon F/1.4 50m

Click for viewing Canon 5D Mark II w/ Rokkor-X 100mm