Eastman Double-X/5222 Motion Picture Film

                            Photographs are captured using both a Minolta XD-11 & XD-7 (European version of the XD-11) and Rokkor-/X lenses

Eastman Double-X / 5222 Motion Picture Film: they also prepare this film for 35mm film cameras. My grand daughter Isla Marie sat for my first few frames using this film. Notes below each image will identify date of exposure and some detail.  Some of the more recent work captured in the Czech Republic and local clubs (2017) was developed by a new lab in Montgomery, Al, and the results are much better than earlier test rolls, indeed. (We suggest all images on this website be viewed on larger (laptop or desk-top monitors). (New Galleries are coming soon!  We appreciate your patience while we reorganize the website. Thank you.)


Eastman Double-X/5222 film for 35mm cameras:

Pulled out both the Minolta XD-11 and XD-7 film cameras and began experimenting using this amazing film. Examples include images captured using the films native ISO of 250 and also pushed-processed to 800 and 3200! Processing included negatives being scanned using the XL-Noritsu method producing 6774x4492 image files.